Why we’re running a research tech survey

As a member of the business intelligence community, have you considered how research tech impacts your organisation?

Here at Publish Interactive, we want to provide you with our exclusive insights on what research tech is doing to the sector, but to do that we need you to share some information with us.

That’s why we’re inviting people like you to take our short survey.

Why we’re running this survey…

We make every effort to ensure the software we develop is just what’s needed by people in the research community – that’s why we’ve recently launched a mobile version of iReports and added several APIs to help our technology work at a deeper level with other systems.

Our survey is part of that process – it will help us find out more about the business intelligence community, and consequently help us serve them better.

How we will use the results…

The results of this survey will help inform what we do over the coming months from a software development perspective.

Of course, one of the other ways we hope to serve the research community is by making the results public and sharing all useful insights – but we can only do that once we have gathered enough data – so please do take the survey.