“If the future of Market Intelligence is interactive, what shall we do with our back catalogue that’s all in PDF?”

  • October 16th, 2017

To those who know Publish Interactive, it will come as no surprise to hear that we think the future of Market Intelligence (MI) will be dominated by smart single-destination technologies that help users to: 

  • Quickly and easily find answers to their questions – from multi-format content 
  • Repurpose information simply – and into formats most useful to them 

Our iReports platform works by turning reports into interactive, multi-format content so that users are empowered in the ways outlined above. We see the future of MI as being interactive, but how does that square with a recent past where most of the content is created as PDFs? 

Fundamental question 

So, to continue making use of existing research, do publishers need to convert all PDF content into whatever shiny new format is appropriate for their customers? 

Even if that’s millions of pieces of content? 

The answer is: no. You don’t. It would be time-consuming, expensive and unnecessary to convert all reports into any new interactive format – and here’s why… 

A customer-centric approach and pdfs 

We have already said customers need a convenient way to get answers to questions, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be forced to stop using PDFs completely. 

If MI customers increasingly demand a single destination where all their questions are answered quickly and easily, and where content is available for use in their own reports and presentations, how does that marry with the reality where lots of information held by publishers is in a format that blocks workflow? 

The solution is the development of destination that can support both interactive reports and PDFs in a single system – and make them available to the customer through high-quality functionality. This is what iReports already does. 

How does this work? 

  • New content is created in new interactive formats that help customers have questions answered quickly and easily, and where content is available for use in the customer’s own reports and presentations.
  • Using analytics to establish which PDF reports are popular, publishers can convert parts of the back catalogue into the interactive format to meet the customer needs. 
  • On an on-going basis, publishers use search queries to inform whether other reports would benefit from conversion in future.

Satisfied consumers, satisfied research provider 

This solution means a research provider can avoid the unnecessary expense of converting their entire portfolio into new customer-friendly formats, yet they can still benefit from making all their content available through a new system. 

The reality is that most customer questions can be answered from within a small percentage of a publisher’s overall portfolio – so, only this part needs to be interactive at first.  

All remaining content can then be served as PDF – as customers will be accessing these reports less frequently, they won’t mind the limitations of the format as they will know most of the content they come across on each visit will be more user-friendly. 

Book a demo to see how iReports can maximise the potential of your back catalogue. 

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